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Zeraki is an organization that aims at transforming the way educational data is collected, analyzed and used by designing & building digital learning platforms for the education sector.

Their main goal is to make learning simple, engaging and fun though innovative design while collecting & analyzing data to gather helpful insights.

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The Challenge

When foreigners travel to Africa for business or as tourists; without any knowledge of mainly spoken languages, they loose out on understanding African cultures & connecting with them.

Learning a new language is a fun achievement and helps you connect with local people and make friends easily.

The Solution

Segue Interactive was brought on to hatch by Zeraki to design,architect & develop an elearning iOS application to help people learn African Languages with ease through gamified trivia quizes.

Match English words to African Language words.

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Arrange words to for a valid sentence.

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Select correct answers to a question.

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Choose the photo that matches the word.

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Levelup and put your knowledge to test.

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Planning on traveling to Africa?

  • Learn African Languages while having fun with trivia questions.
  • No previous knowledge or experience required.
  • Currently being used at top colleges worldwide including Harvard!



Round of fundraising.


Development Time

6 weeks

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