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Oriems cloud is suite of internet based software-as-a-service solutions for businesses that require easily accessible, affordable & quality systems.

Limalunda is a platform on Oriems Cloud. The solution digitizes the operations of small-scale farmers in Uganda, enhancing the end to end process through real-time processing of planting information, harvests, collection, delivery and payment. It also enhances loyalty between the farmer and the off-taker.

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The Challenge

When foreigners travel to Africa for business or as tourists; without any knowledge of mainly spoken languages, they loose out on understanding African cultures & connecting with them.

Learning a new language is a fun achievement and helps you connect with local people and make friends easily.

The Solution

Segue Interactive was brought on to hatch by Zeraki to design,architect & develop an elearning iOS application to help people learn African Languages with ease through gamified trivia quizes.

Finally!! A relief to WFP & it's beneficiaries

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Planning on traveling to Africa?

  • Learn African Languages while having fun with trivia questions.
  • No previous knowledge or experience required.
  • Currently being used at top colleges worldwide including Harvard!

The Results

The rollout of Checkupsmed's Delivery Platform has been having great outcomes like:

  • Cost, efficiency and speed of the last mile has reduced significantly.
  • The dispatch & delivery process is more organized and productive.
  • Most customers are giving feedback & it's positive feedback.
  • Customers & stakeholders are enjoying the transparency the new platform offers.
  • The includes reports & analytics which provides pivotal data which will help them take insight-driven business decisions.



Team Involved


Development Time

4 weeks

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