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Oriems cloud is suite of internet based software-as-a-service solutions for businesses that require easily accessible, affordable & quality systems.

SACCOs is an abbreviation for Savings and Credit Co-operative Society. It’s a member-based financial institution which operates on co-operative values, identity, and principles which includes social responsibility, openness, honesty, and caring for each other.

Oriems Sacco ERP & Mobile Wallet Solution helps microfinance institutions utilize the opportunity of a digital self-service channel, retaining and growing their customer base. An extremely flexible platform which can serve various digital wallet business cases.

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The Challenge

According to the World Bank, there are around 1.7 billion unbanked adults in the world. The major reason for this astounding number is lack of awareness, access, convenience, steady income, and trust. Trust is a huge factor as it keeps people unbanked even if they have access to banking facilities.

All the major factors mentioned above along with the lack of trust in mainstream banking have given birth to some innovative and novel alternatives to banking.

The Solution

Segue Interactive was brought on to hatch by Zeraki to design,architect & develop an elearning iOS application to help people learn African Languages with ease through gamified trivia quizes.

Access everything in one place

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Register & access your savings accounts.

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Topup, withdraw or view transaction statements.

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Apply for a loan or get an estimate.

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Easily access loan transactions.

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Repay your loan with ease.

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The Results

Main Features

  • Profile Members: Register new members to a savings group and update where necessary.
  • Savings: Record your group savings transactions for all your group members.
  • Groups: Manage your savings, Record fees & fines and view general statistical reports.
  • Loans: Manage Loans all the loan process at with ease through application, appraisal and approval, disbursement. Loan payments are also tracked using the app.



Android Devs.


Development Time

6 weeks

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