Safaribaza is an organization that operates a tech-enabled medication procurement and delivery service in Kenya and South Sudan to help patients get medicines and diagnostics at home and at work as fast as we can and at the best prices.

Their main goal is to help businesses safeguard their employees & their families' offering a frictionless & fast medical support. In the event they fall sick, they can order medicine to be delivered at the comfort of their Home or Office.


The Challenges

Safaribaza had 10+ inhouse riders who do medicine delivery & sample collection errands to patients all over Nairobi City.

  • Lack of visibility & coordination between the dispatcher, rider & customer.
  • High cost of deliveries.
  • Late & returned deliveries.
  • Inadequate route planning.
  • Unpredictable elements like traffic jam.

Checkups Medical Hub aimed to transform Medicine Delivery by adopting A Rider Mobile App, Quoting & Dispatch Management System (Web app) and Customer Order Tracking(Web App) with a goal reduce the friction and time spent in the Last Mile.

The Solution

Safaribaza was chosen by Checkups Medical Hub to design and develop a new Medicine Delivery Management System which should reduce the delivery time from 3-4hrs to 35min or less.

Safaribaza Mobile Screenshot 1
Safaribaza Mobile Screenshot 2
Safaribaza Mobile Screenshot 3

We designed unanimously for both web and mobile platforms

Rider can now plan his route more efficiently.
While the customer is tracking the order with absolute transparency.

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An Easy & Minimal Checkout Process

We kept it minimal and straight-forward with a prominent call to action that reduces abandoned carts.

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The Results

The rollout of Checkupsmed's Delivery Platform has been having great outcomes like:

  • Cost, efficiency and speed of the last mile has reduced significantly.
  • The dispatch & delivery process is more organized and productive.
  • Most customers are giving feedback & it's positive feedback.
  • Customers & stakeholders are enjoying the transparency the new platform offers.
  • The includes reports & analytics which provides pivotal data which will help them take insight-driven business decisions.

Average T.A.T.

35min 85% Decrease

Daily Completed Orders.

60% Increase

Development Time

8 weeks

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